The Technique on Glass Cutting

Cutting and piercing delicate glass works is not a problem with Flow waterjet technology. From cutting of intricate stained glass to piercing holes in glass, users from a variety of industries have discovered the versatility and cost-effectiveness of cutting with Flow waterjets.

Hole drilling is easy for our waterjets, as is stained glass cutting at the other end of the spectrum. There’s no need to etch and break when you are cutting glass with waterjets, so there’s less wasted material.

Bullet proof glass is a snap for Flow waterjets to cut.  It may be able to stop a 50 caliber shell, but our waterjets cut ballistic glass quickly and cleanly.

Our patented 'Vacuum Assist' option allows you to pierce even the most delicate glass. And Flow waterjets impart no delamination to the material while maintaining its structural integrity.

Superior Cutting
Hurricane Glass is a growing area for waterjets as well.New laws require the installation of hurricane glass for glass windows and doors for all new construction in specific locations.

Because of its composition of glass clad/polycarbonate structure, a laminate material, hurricane glass is very difficult to cut by traditional methods such as score, fracturing, or diamond saws.

Flow waterjets are the superior method for cutting hurricane glass. And, because flow waterjets are omni-directional, cutting complex patterns is easy.

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